How it works

SportBangBang is the search engine of personal trainers that brings together the best professionals in the sport everywhere. Find personal trainers, nutritionists and physiotherapists near you, compare their profiles, look at the reviews from other customers and book online for FREE.

Use our search bar in order to find personal trainers in the city you specify. You can filter your search by using the sport/fitness specialty and price selectors. Browse and compare among profiles from search results. Once you find the trainer that fits more with yours preferences then make your online booking for free (no comision for reserve, this is completely free) by using the booking form you will find on every profile.

Once you have made effective your booking by filling and sending the booking form, the personal trainer will contact you as soon as possible through your email address or calling your phone number. You only pay for the services of the personal trainer. So you will only pay directly to the trainer. SportBangBang provides to you a completely free online booking.

If you are a qualified personal trainer -with pertinent studies and academic certificates- you just need to fill the submit form you will find in the link bellow:

Submit your profile is completely free. Once we receive your profile, we will validate it and your profile will be visible in SportBangBang during the next 12 hours.

When a user makes a booking by using the form in your profile, automaticaly you receive a notification SMS and an email with the booking message. In order to get the contact information of the user who made the booking, you have to access to your private personal space in SportBangBang and pay an small amount of 5€ (VAT included). As we are currently in the launching of SportBangBang, the first booking you receive will be free as a sign of gratitude for your confidence.

We never interfere with the payment and the payment method of your training sessions with your client. SportBangBang is only in charge of promoting your online professional profile.