Who we are

SportBangBang is the search engine of personal trainers that brings together the best professionals in the sport everywhere. Find personal trainers, nutritionists and physiotherapists near you, compare their profiles, look at the reviews from other customers and book online for FREE.

Our office is placed in Barcelona. We are an small and young team of two people consisting of a physiotherapist and a software engineer with a wide experience in the health sector and Internet.

Laura Nadal

CEO & Co-founder | Physiotherapist

I am physiotherapist (Col. 6434) and director of my own center Salus Centre in Lleida. I am responsible for communicating with users and professionals, content editing and revision and validation of submited profiles.

Albert Nadal

CTO & Co-founder | Software Engineer

I am a software engineer and I take care of all the technical part. I perform the platform development and design of the website as well as the execution and planning of online marketing.